About us

Welcome to Spare Jeans, a one-of-a-kind establishment in Montreal that has passionately crafted and customized jeans and pants for almost a decade. Our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and personalized attention sets us apart.

All of our products are meticulously designed and crafted by Prosper in his atelier. Prosper, an expert designer, pattern-maker, and fit technician with over four decades of experience in the industry, oversees the creative and production process to ensure unparalleled artistry in the making of your jeans.

Spare Jeans is about slow-fashion. Each pair or jeans takes time to craft and we only make a few quantities of the same style. In fact, given that all is made by hand, you will not find two of the same pair. Your product is made with you in mind and is entirely unique. 

The cotton for our selvedge denim is harvested by hand in West Africa, then rope-dyed, weaved and processed in Okoyama, Japan.

Many of our customers have been ordering our jeans for years. Once you experience the high quality we provide, we promise you won't go back.