Caring For Raw Selvedge Denim

Why buy raw denim?

Prosper recommends buying raw denim jeans because they are stiff when you first buy them. This stiffness is due to the process involved in creating the denim used for your jeans. The material goes through a proprietary spinning process that was that our denim supplier, Kaihara developed. The first step in this spinning process is called warping. Warping is when the raw yarn is bundled together into the denim fabric. Next, the denim fabric goes though a special dying process. When the raw material is first dyed with Indigo, it turns bright green. However, after the air hits it, the color will turn from green to blue.

This result is the crisp, durable denim material that Prosper uses to create your perfect jeans. The first time you wear your new jeans, you will feel the material hugging your body, which is completely normal, and after the first couple of hours wearing, they will start to feel not as tight.

Should I Wash My New Jeans?

Prosper recommends not washing your new jeans for at least 6 months after purchasing them. During that crucial 6 month period, you are breaking in your new jeans and letting it adapt to your unique body. In addition, it creates the wear patterns that make your jeans look like one-of-a-kind. 

If you are worried about your jeans smelling if you do not wash them, do not worry! Your jeans will only smell due to bacteria build up. You can prevent this by hanging your jeans inside out outdoors for 24 hours or more. If you live in a cold area, even better! The cold weather will kill the bacteria much more rapidly.

When you do wash your selvedge denim jeans, make sure to turn them inside out. Also, avoid putting them in the dryer, rather, hang them outside to dry.

In conclusion

As you can see, caring for raw selvedge denim jeans is not difficult. Simply keep these points in mind and you will have your jeans for a lifetime!